Carnival opts for Intellian’s high density antennas

2018-03-28T05:40:40+00:00 March 28th, 2018|Technology|

Carnival has installed Intellian’s v240MT tri-band and multi-orbit 2.4 m antennas on board several Carnival Cruise ships to enhance their connectivity.

In the cruise sector, there is a demand for innovative antenna technologies that can enable and support intense data-rich applications, Intellian said.

In what is claimed to be a world’s first, Intellian’s antennas will provide Carnival’s cruise ships with high-speed connectivity. Intellian’s v240M (2.4 m) antennas, combined with the new intelligent mediator solution, are specifically designed to deliver data rates exceeding 1 Gbps.

Intellian’s 2.4 m type multi-band, multi-orbit MEO (medium earth orbit) and GEO (geostationary earth orbit) broadband antennas, unlock access to virtually any satellite constellation within seconds, the company said.
The new antennas, provide the capability to switch between different satellite frequency bands (C-, Ku-, and Ka-band), as needed without any user intervention. This enables the operator to select the best solution for the geographic location or for flexibility in achieving the highest throughput on virtually any satellite.

This solution enables operation with virtually any satellite network, and ensures compatibility for the future, as new satellite constellations are launched. To manage the switching between GEO and MEO, Intellian introduced the intelligent mediator solution. This system allows for automatic switching between networks, satellites, and most importantly, provides support for dual data centres.

The systems are connected on board using Intellian fiber optic connections, meaning there is no potential for signal loss over the extended cable runs found on large cruise vessels. This is also much easier to retrofit than the heavier coax cables often used, the company said.

Supporting dual data centres on the Carnival’s ships ensures uninterrupted connectivity. The identical systems, including a full complement of antenna controllers, intelligent mediators and satellite modems, gives an instant automated changeover with no manual intervention, an important factor in crew safety and vessel operations.
Reza Rasoulian, Carnival’s Vice President of Global Connectivity, commented, “Even when enjoying a cruise vacation experience, we can – and should – expect to experience the same levels of connectivity we enjoy on land. Carnival has set the industry standard for what can be achieved today in delivering the ultimate guest connectivity experience, and we are pleased to have Intellian’s technical and engineering prowess with strong focus on innovation in allowing us to realise this feat.

“Intellian was able to create the fastest and most flexible system that will provide a unique travel experience and deliver memorable vacations for our guests, enable our team members to communicate with friends and family back home, and power our on board systems. We have collaborated closely with Intellian over the past three years to ensure that the solution will provide us with the ability and flexibility to attain bandwidth in a more efficient and ubiquitous manner, which is a critical component in our end to end connectivity strategy.
“This system is the new class leading standard, supporting the on board networks that provide unprecedented levels of connectivity to our guests across Carnival brands,” he said.

Eric Sung, Intellian CEO, added, “Delivering reliable network services demands dependable, high-speed and seamless coverage across the world’s oceans, and historically it has been a challenge to meet the users ever increasing demands for data. The Intellian Multi- Orbit, Tri-Band solution, combined with the intelligent mediator, represents a step-change in driving the highest standards in cruise vacation experiences.
“Carnival is leading the way in driving the next revolution in the global maritime industry, because it understands the power of digital technology to achieve advantages that reach way beyond improved operational efficiencies. Through partnering with forward-thinking industry leaders such as Carnival, Intellian is continually looking to redefine the meaning of intelligent satellite solutions and what these technologies are truly capable of achieving,” he said.