Carnival Maritime collaborates with ENSM

2018-05-14T08:48:17+00:00 May 14th, 2018|Technology|

Hamburg-based Carnival Maritime GmbH and the French Maritime Academy, ENSM. located at Le Havre and Marseille, have agreed to co-operate to ensure future high standards in nautical and technical training of cadets.

The aim of this initiative is to train the next generation of qualified officers for the cruise industry and their future responsibilities, based on both ENSM’s nautical and the technical IMO curriculum.

Moreover, it is aimed to provide cadets with the necessary experience at sea on board the Costa Group fleet (Costa Crociere and AIDA Cruises) to qualify for STCW licenses as dual-purpose officers. The licence requires an internship of up to 12 months on the bridge and in the engine room.

ENSM is a recognised educational and research university with a long standing academic tradition. In addition to its classical study programmes, it offers various advanced education courses using simulators, eg for LNG Basic certificates or Polar Code certificates.

Carnival Maritime is responsible for the nautical and technical management of the cruise brands Costa Crociere, AIDA Cruises and Costa Cruises Asia.

Lars Ljoen, Carnival Maritime managing director, said; “We are very proud to strengthen the cruise industry by enhancing the training of dual-purpose cadets in co-operation with a distinguished university, such as the ENSM. Eight ENSM cadets can now serve their internship on board ships of the Costa or AIDA fleet and learn the cruise-specific requirements in accordance with our focus on safety and the protection of the environment.”

Patrice         Laporte,         ENSM director general,    has   welcomed the international openness offered by the partnership with Carnival Maritime, both for the international reputation of ENSM, and for the enrichment of students who will be integrated into multicultural crews. “This partnership meets the expectations of skilled and ambitious students who are attentive to the development of the cruise industry and the job prospects in the sector,” he said.

The first cadets from the ENSM have already been selected and will join the crew on board Costa Group ships at the end of next month.