Bolidt unveils antimicrobial cruise ship decking

2020-07-27T15:13:46+00:00 July 27th, 2020|Technology|

Synthetic applications specialist, Bolidt has introduced an antibacterial flooring system to improve hygiene on passenger ships.

With cruise owners striving to improve hygiene on board their vessels, ship decking specialist Bolidt has developed an antimicrobial flooring that will limit the spread of multi-resistant bacteria on ships, aimed at supporting the safe and successful return of the cruise industry.

Originally designed for use in land-based applications, such as hospitals and kitchens, this technology is not only bactericidal but also hygienic and easy to clean.

Jacco van Overbeek, Director of Bolidt’s Maritime Division, explained how the current global health crisis led to the solution being considered for cruise vessels.

“Our antimicrobial floor cover has consistently demonstrated its value on land in the healthcare sector. We had never considered it for marine applications simply because it didn’t seem necessary. Now the pandemic has heightened awareness on cruise ship hygiene, and we have a product ready to go that could be of great help to cruise lines,” he said.

The material is applied as a coating to the patented Bolideck 525 decking used for indoor spaces on passenger ships. Claimed to be durable, low maintenance and highly adaptable, the 525 system is already an ideal choice for post-pandemic times, Van Overbeek said.

Crucially, it can be designed to incorporate safety messaging, which may take the form of static or dynamic signs, such as social distancing markers or lights indicating the direction in which guests should queue during embarkation. When combined with the hygienic cover, it can minimise the transmission of viruses in addition to bacteria.

Georg Piantino – senior architect at YSA Design, a Bolidt partner – has proposed its application as part of a ‘Hybrid Flooring’ concept.

Conceived during discussions between the two companies, the hybrid floor comprises a layer of carpet fitted on top of the Bolideck 525 system with antimicrobial coating.

In the event of a future outbreak, the carpet would be stripped away to reveal the safety markers underneath, also activating the solution’s hygienic and bactericidal properties.

“Certain spaces on board a cruise vessel require plush carpeting to create that luxurious feel, but passenger ships will have to be flexible when they set sail again,” Piantino said. “With the hygiene of Bolidt’s antimicrobial technology, social distance signage and the elegance of a fine carpet, Hybrid Flooring is the perfect example of how vessels can adapt to changing requirements. It will allow a luxury suite to be transformed into a medical area, for instance, in a short space of time and with minimal disruption.”

“We are committed to supporting operators through these challenging times,” van Overbeek added. “At our recently opened Innovation Centre, we are researching flooring that helps to reduce viral spread not just through safety messaging but thanks to its truly virucidal characteristics.”