Azamara beefs up medical services and crew payment scheme

2021-12-13T21:14:21+00:00 December 13th, 2021|Technology|

Azamara has signed two contracts recently – one for medical services and the other for a crew payment and money transfer app.

The medical services agreement was with VIKAND which has entered into a multi-year agreement with Azamara to manage all medical operations on board its four-ship fleet.

Holistically designed for the four ships, the service includes medical facility operations, outbreak prevention and mitigation, emergency support, formulary and biomedical equipment management, medical staffing, and ongoing consultation.

The company’s solution is claimed to cover every aspect of on board medical care to provide a protected environment for guests and crew alike with direct benefits of maintaining operational continuity and reducing risk.

Carol Cabezas, Azamara President (pictured), said, “Our goal is to provide unique travel experiences in unparalleled destinations while keeping health and safety top of mind. Healthcare is essential to our brand and the destinations we visit. Our collaboration with VIKAND leaves this critical necessity of on board public health in experienced hands to provide the highest standard of care.”

The second contract involves Brightwell, a FinTech company that is involved with money transfers and payments.

Azamara’s 1,200 plus crew will now have access to Brightwell’s mobile app, prepaid card and integrated global transfer services.

This simplifies payroll and gives crew members greater control over their money and also offers the ability for crew members to make use of Brightwell’s mobile and full-time fraud prevention and detection team.

“Azamara shares our vision for empowering crew members by giving them multiple options for managing, spending and sharing their income so that they feel more connected to and in control of their money while away from home,” said John Markendorf, Brightwell’s Senior Vice President of Operations.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a well-respected brand that has defined destination immersion, and together, improve the lives of crew members across its fleet.”

“One of our top priorities as we’ve transitioned into a new company has been to leverage emerging technologies like Fintech to find new opportunities to enable our guest and employee experience.

“Partnering with Brightwell to accelerate and protect our crew pay cards was identified as an opportunity. This is their income and their livelihood, and we’ve selected Brightwell as our vendor simply because Brightwell is the very best at what they do. They offer the best experience and functionality and our crew love the simplicity and ease of use,” added Doug Parks, Azamara’s Chief Administration Officer.