Andritz wins second ropax retrofit

2021-06-25T19:34:28+00:00 June 25th, 2021|Technology|

Austrian-based engineering company, Andritz has won a repeat order from French ferry operator La Méridionale to retrofit another dual SeaSOxfiltration system on the ropax ‘Piana’.

This system will clean the exhaust of an additional three main and two auxiliary engines, covering a total propulsion load of more than 40 MW without requiring any washwater.

Andritz will be responsible for the overall engineering and supply of the main equipment, including the manufacture of filter chambers, the pneumatic conveying equipment for the sodium based sorbent and by-products, the field instrumentation, plus the integrated automation system.

La Méridionale chose Andritz’ technology because of its excellent environmental performance, the company claimed. Besides the removal of sulphur oxides and particulates of all sizes (PM10, PM2.5, PM1), the system requires just 20% of the power consumption when compared to a closed-loop scrubber system.

It operates without water recirculation and discharge, and the by-products can be recycled.

SeaSOx filtration technology is based on the injection of sodium based sorbent for SOx absorption. It then uses a baghouse filter installed downstream of the injection point to remove particulate matter and sodium sulphate.

Emission tests carried out by independent company CERTAM after completion of the first stage, showed excellent results for SOx and particulate removal.

The sodium based sorbent, marketed under the trade name SOLVAir® is supplied by Andritz’ co-operation partner SOLVAY.

The first contract was successfully completed in March, 2019 and included the cleaning of exhaust gases from one main engine and one auxiliary engine.

After the commissioning in June, 2019, ANDRITZ received the IAPP certificate from the French Flag administration, which attested that all statutory requirements for this installation were fulfilled.

In addition, classification society DNV issued a MED-G certificate, confirming that the safety and environmental compliance requirements had been satisfied.

The new filtration system will be installed in November, 2021, with expected sea trials in February, 2022.

‘Piana’ operates in the Mediterranean between Marseille and Corsica.