Ambassador rolls out Starlink

2023-11-30T20:56:32+00:00 November 30th, 2023|Technology|

Ambassador Cruise Line has joined the ranks of cruise ship operators opting for SpaceX Starlink Wi-Fi connection.

The service will be rolled out on Ambassador’s two ships.

Starlink was due to be installed on ‘Ambience’ in November and on ‘Ambition’ by early December. It will be available in public spaces and cabins.

As a result, Ambassador said that connection speeds will increase by 50%.

CEO, Christian Verhounig, said: “This enhancement to internet connectivity across the fleet is yet another milestone in our mission to make cruising with Ambassador an unforgettable experience.

“Reliable internet access is essential and we are thrilled to introduce an enhanced Wi-Fi service on board ‘Ambience’ and ‘Ambition’.

“Offering unparalleled connectivity while in port and at sea will enable our guests and crew to seamlessly connect with their loved ones and the world around them, ensuring they can capture and share precious moments while staying informed and entertained during their sailing,” he said.