ALMACO and SteriPower sign partnership agreement

2020-07-13T11:13:29+00:00 July 13th, 2020|Safety|

ALMACO has extended its health and sanitation portfolio by partnering with SteriPower.

The company will have exclusive use of all SteriPower products in the maritime industry.

There is a high demand for hand hygiene products, due to the current situation, ALMACO explained.

“With the help of ALMACO, we can scale up fast and ensure that customers receive products with comprehensive service agreements. We have worked with ALMACO many years and know they have our customers’ backs,” said SteriPower’s Cruise Sales Director, Arno Ahrens Böhm, adding: “The extensive network and manpower that ALMACO can provide is the main reason why we make such excellent partners. We share the same goals of providing excellent service and reliability.”

“ALMACO chooses its partners carefully and SteriPower checks all the boxes in quality, experience and reliability. We are honoured to represent SteriPower products,” added Nicolas Lesbats, ALMACO’s Vice President of Maintenance.

SteriPower is a provider of hand sanitation solutions. Similar to many German companies, its goal is to focus on a narrow product niche and ensure that the company is the best in its field.

The company’s product development team has created patented technology that makes its dispensers the world’s fastest hand sanitisers, it claimed. The hand sanitisers can also be customised to blend into an interior design.

ALMACO can provide the full turnkey installation that connects the dispensers to automatic door openers to avoid the unnecessary touching of door handles.

In addition, ALMACO will provides full lifecycle support for SteriPower’s hand sanitising systems, including equipment supply and installation, spare part supply and maintenance.