ABB and Royal Caribbean Group collaborate on Safety

2022-12-03T10:11:08+00:00 December 3rd, 2022|Safety|

In a recent ABB press release Kalevi Tervo, Global Program Manager of ABB Marine & Ports said, “We at ABB take great pride in introducing new technologies to the industry to improve safety and add value for our customers. Marine Braking Assistance is a good example of a co-creation project where we, in close collaboration with Royal Caribbean Group, developed a solution that makes a real operational difference,”

The ABB Ability™ Marine Braking Assistance helps ships minimize stopping time and distance, without compromizing steering capability. Furthermore, Automated braking saves wear and tear on critical ship control systems.

Pictured is the world’s largest cruise ship Wonder of the Seas, which departed on her maiden voyage in the beginning of March 2022 as the first in the world to feature the new ABB Ability™ Marine Braking Assistance.