‘World Dream’ to cruise at 50% capacity

2021-06-12T10:36:14+00:00 June 12th, 2021|Marketing|

Following the latest announcement from the Singapore Government, Dream Cruises’ ‘World Dream’ will resume operations at the permitted 50% passenger capacity from 14th June.

Guests from different households may now enjoy the option of travelling in a group size of up to five, according to Singapore’s new protocols.

Dream Cruises claimed that it maintained the highest standards of safety with comprehensive precautionary measures in place. Since the restart of cruise operations in November, 2020, ‘World Dream’ has sailed for over seven months COVID-19 incident free from Singapore and has received positive feedback on social media from guests on their experiences on board the ship.

“Dream Cruises would like to thank the people of Singapore who have continued to support ‘World Dream’ even during this period of stricter health guidelines and safety precautions. Despite the heightened health measures of the previous month, ‘World Dream’ has enjoyed robust sales in June and we are seeing limited availability of cruises in July,” said Michael Goh, Dream Cruises President.

“With the diligence of our crew to provide the safest environment for our guests on board, ‘World Dream’ has extended its proven track record as worry-free vacation option for Singaporeans.

“Not only are we excited to welcome a higher capacity of guests up to 50% on board ‘World Dream’ for a super summer seacation, we are also excited to introduce our unique Japanese-themed cruise experience from 20th June to 18th September.

“This includes the world’s first lavender fields of Hokkaido and Torii gates of Kyoto at sea, complemented by a variety of fun-filled Japanese related activities and cuisine – ideal for vacationers and families, especially during the present school holidays,” he added, continuing, “We had launched a series of successful thematic cruises centred around the Asia/Pacific starting with the Rhythm of Korea and Amazing Thailand thematic cruises; and soon guests can discover the Wonders of Japan on ‘World Dream’.

“Guests can look forward to more amazing and global thematic cruises towards year-end including the Markets of the World and Nordic Christmas thematic sailings later this year,” Goh concluded.