Wärtsilä’s water treatment plants to be fitted on cruise ships

2021-01-26T20:38:11+00:00 January 26th, 2021|Environment|

Wärtsilä has signed a framework agreement with Carnival Corp covering the supply and installation of waste water and dry waste treatment systems.

The agreement covers up to 32 vessels across many of Carnival’s operating brands.The signing of the framework took place in October, 2020.
Wärtsilä’s Membrane Bioreactor waste water treatment plants are claimed to be well proven in the handling of black and grey waste water.

The system surpasses the most demanding standards currently set by the IMO for sewage discharge, including paragraph 4.2 of MEPC 227 (64), which applies to special areas.

Similarly, Wärtsilä’s dry waste handling systems comply with the most stringent IMO MARPOL requirements, and are designed to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

“There is increased awareness within the cruise industry of environmental sustainability and Wärtsilä is proud and ready to support this focus with the most advanced and compliant solutions. We continue to work with Carnival to enhance their goals for waste reduction, in line with their internal strategy,” said Arto Lehtinen, Wärtsilä Water and Waste Director.

“We very much appreciate Wärtsilä’s support and their capabilities in delivering high quality, reliable solutions tailored to our specific requirements.

“The environmental legislation barrier for the cruise industry is set very high, so we seek the latest technologies to ensure compliance. The Wärtsilä solution selected for the framework more than meets this standard,” said Jon McKeown, Carnival Corp’s Senior Vice President Global Strategic Sourcing.

Wärtsilä’s equipment will be delivered and installed on board different ships across the operating brands between 2020 and 2025.