Vodohod to Build Two Expedition Cruise Ships

2019-07-14T19:31:26+00:00 July 14th, 2019|Ships|

Russian river cruise line, Vodohod, has ordered two expedition cruise ships from Helsinki Shipyard.

They will be delivered in August, 2021 and January, 2022, respectively.

The yard was recently sold to Algador Holdings, which is owned by Rishat Bagautdinov and Vladimir Kasyanenko, who also own Vodohod.

The vessels will have capacity for 148 guests and are being built at a cost of $115 mill each.

“We are very proud and happy for the first order of the new shipyard and I believe this now proves to everyone that we have started a new chapter in the operation of Helsinki Shipyard. We will strengthen especially our design department in the near future and in connection with the start of production,” said Carl-Gustaf Rotkirch, Helsinki Shipyard CEO.