VIKAND ties in with Neuron for emergencies at sea

2024-04-14T15:12:52+00:00 April 14th, 2024|Safety|

Maritime healthcare provider, VIKAND has partnered with Neuron, a quality of experience (QoE) management platform for things that move, to improve standards of safety and well-being for both passengers and crew.

During emergency situations at sea, apps and tech services critical to the response effort may require greater bandwidth and a higher quality internet connection. This extra data capacity may be needed to transfer large files, hold video conference calls, perform telediagnosis or analyse test results.

Neuron’s QoE management platform works with the FrontM developed VIKAND Connect App and application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable VIKAND’s medical team to orchestrate the network changes required to deliver increased capacity and performance in real time during a maritime medical emergency.

Unlike other network management solutions, Neuron automatically blends the ideal combination of connectivity types, regardless of provider, to best match the specific application required in the moment, even in remote locations like Antarctica.

Even on cruise ships, which typically have generous bandwidth, capacity can wane during peak usage times. Here, Neuron can access additional unused bandwidth specifically for use by VIKAND’s medical teams or during emergency situations.

“Reliable connectivity is critical to any vessel at sea, but it’s particularly relevant to on board healthcare,” said Ronald Spithout, Managing Director OneHealth by VIKAND (pictured left) left.

“With Neuron, we can reallocate bandwidth across an entire fleet, allowing on board medical teams to evaluate things like full-resolution X-rays or ultrasound results, or give shoreside teams remote access to on board medical equipment.”

Added Peter Hult, VIKAND CEO (pictured right): “In the future, the amount of on board medical equipment will only increase, and more bandwidth will be needed for shoreside teams to use this equipment remotely and analyse outcomes during medical emergencies. With Neuron’s technology, operators can rest assured that both crew members and passengers are being cared for with the latest AI-powered technology.”

“On demand, agile and elastic connectivity is needed to enable advanced healthcare technologies and solutions at sea,” said Benny Retnamony, founder and CEO of Neuron.

“Through our partnership with VIKAND and FrontM, we are committed to demonstrating how application-driven QoE on demand orchestrated through the Neuron platform can clear the way for VIKAND to accelerate access to critical medical services for the maritime industry.”