Trimline takes delivery of spray booth

2018-07-02T18:23:59+00:00 July 2nd, 2018|Refurbishment|

As part of Trimline’s continuous improvement programme, the marine interior outfitter looked at manufacturing systems to give the company a broader range of capabilities.

For example, Trimline has worked with spray booth & paint finishing manufacturer, Junair to install an energy efficient paint spraying solution, which uses an auxiliary air movement system and efficient filters to allow cleaner air back into the environment.

Over the last six weeks, a new paint spray booth has been installed, tested and commissioned and the official handover has now taken place between Trimline’s Chairman, Gary Oliver and Junair’s Director, Steven Wood.

“We have noticed that over the last few years, cruise lines are increasingly requesting superior finishes that were normally only ever seen on our super yacht work. While our experienced sprayers have been able to meet their demands to date, we see this as a growing trend and with the new state-of-the-art spray booth, we are able to meet those increasing requests and offer a more superior paint finish, whilst reducing energy consumption.” Oliver said.

Junair’s Wood explained; “The QADS (advanced auxiliary air movement system) alone reduces a typical process time by about 35% and allows a lower air temperature because the air is agitated, and solvents/moisture is drawn out of the painted items more effectively. In addition, the variable speed drives further allow us to adjust the fan speed and therefore airflow. When combined with QADS, the energy savings increase to around 65%, compared to a standard booth.”