Trimline helps maintain standards on board ‘Seabourn Sojourn’

2018-02-01T07:11:13+00:00 February 1st, 2018|Refurbishment|

Marine interior refurbishment specialist Trimline is no stranger to ‘Seabourn Sojourn’ having maintained the Seabourn fleet and carried out major refits for the ultra-luxury brand for the past three years.

During an intense six-day refit in Freeport, Bahamas the company’s extensive knowledge of the ship helped it to meticulously plan for success, despite the tight time constraints and drydock location.

Holland America Group’s Senior Interior Operations Specialist, Linh Nguyen, said; “’Seabourn Sojourn’s’ last drydock in Freeport was no small feat. With challenges, such as weather, dock location and logistical constraints, Trimline’s flexibility and team-oriented focus lent to another timely and successful drydock.”

The team of over 150 skilled Trimline tradespeople worked closely with Seabourn and other contractors on board to ensure the sophistication and luxury were maintained throughout the ship, including:

⦁ Suites. including bathrooms.
⦁ The Colonnade.
⦁ Panoramic Observation Bar.
⦁ The Club.
⦁ Grand Salon.
⦁ General maintenance around the ship.

Trimline’s Key Account Manager, Simon Dawkins, commented “The Trimline team were delighted to work with Seabourn on their latest drydock refit for ‘Seabourn Sojourn’. Our understanding of the Seabourn brand has been key to us being able to deliver a quality result and meet the client’s expectations. This has, in no small part, been helped by the support given by the ship’s crew and office staff, who take great pride in their ship. We look forward to working with Seabourn on their next drydock later this year.”