TraceSafe’s technology attracts Royal Caribbean

2021-10-14T20:08:36+00:00 October 14th, 2021|Environment|

Tracesafe a supplier of location-aware Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for large-scale industrial and enterprise operations, has announced a wearable technology partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCI).

Working in collaboration with RCI’s innovation team, TraceSafe has developed custom wearable devices and bands equipped with long-lasting batteries and RFID modules.

The companies have worked closely together to design and manufacture an exclusive, sleek wearable that can meet both RCI’s comfort standards and the cruise line’s commitment to sustainability.

RCI has become TraceSafe’s first major customer to enroll in the company’s recycling programme that aims at reducing electronic waste by refurbishing used IoT devices and giving them a second life.

“We’re proud to be the number one choice in enterprise IoT wearables for cruise lines,” said Wayne Lloyd, TraceSafe CEO. “This partnership with Royal Caribbean highlights our ability to deliver uncompromising IoT solutions on a massive scale.”

“It was the willingness of the TraceSafe team to develop a custom Tracelet™ device that met our requirements for style and design that propelled the partnership forward,” added Jay Schneider, RCI’s Chief Product Innovation Officer. “We look forward to continuing this engagement with TraceSafe as we explore the many new opportunities for IoT Technology on board our ships.”