Titan LNG expands into the Med with Corsica Linea contract

2022-01-14T19:06:32+00:00 January 14th, 2022|Marketing|

Dutch-headquartered bunker company, Titan LNG is to delivery LNG to Corsica Linea’s new LNG-fuelled ropax, ‘A Galeotta’, at Marseille.

This agreement marks a significant expansion of Titan’s operations into the Mediterranean, which will enhance the availability of LNG, bioLNG, and in the longer term hydrogen-derived LNG in the region.

Titan will commence with a truck-to-ship operation for a period of time until the ‘Krios’ – a 4,500 cu m LNG bunker vessel – arrives.

The LNGBV will be able to supply the wider Mediterranean region with LNG and bioLNG as a marine fuel.

’A Galeotta’, which is currently under construction at the Visentini shipyard in Italy, is due to begin sea trials in May, this year.

Lower and zero carbon variations of LNG, such as bioLNG and hydrogen-derived LNG, can be loaded into the ropaxes fuel tanks with no changes required to the infrastructure. They can be blended with conventional LNG to further reduce emissions.

Niels den Nijs, CEO, Titan LNG, commented (pictured right): “Expanding our operations to the Mediterranean region will enhance the availability of LNG and bioLNG. Expanding infrastructure will help consolidate LNG as a leading sustainable marine fuel across the region. As a result, we hope to see more shipowners investing in LNG and bioLNG. I am delighted to be able to announce this partnership and I look forward to further expansion of LNG in the Mediterranean region and beyond.”

Pierre Antoine Villanova, CEO, Corsica Linea said (pictured left): “Having access to LNG and bioLNG infrastructure and bunkering allows us to take a significant positive step towards the de-carbonisation of our fleet. When choosing LNG, the ability to act now on greenhouse gas emissions in the Mediterranean Sea stood out.

“We also recognised the pathway to full de-carbonisation using LNG, bioLNG and hydrogen-derived LNG as a strong, clear and flexible option. Our exciting new ferry, ‘A Galeotta’, will be able to switch between LNG and bioLNG, and even blend the two, with no changes required on board,” he said.