Titan bunkers ‘Siver Nova’

2023-08-15T18:32:05+00:00 August 15th, 2023|Technology|

Titan’s LNG bunker vessel, ‘Green Zeebrugge’, successfully completed a gas-up and bunkering operation on 10th June for Silversea’s newbuilding ‘Silver Nova’.

This operation took place at Eemshaven, near Groningen, The Netherlands, and involved bunkering LNG to the luxury cruise ship, which had just been delivered from the Papenburg shipyard of Meyer Werft.

With Titan’s expertise, the operation was executed seamlessly, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of 900 cu m of LNG to the ‘Silver Nova’.

Notably, 96% of the total volume delivered was used for bunkering purposes, showcasing the vessel’s strong commitment to reducing emissions, Titan said.

This operation would not have been possible without the close co-operation between all parties, including Meyer Werft, Groningen Seaports, and Royal Caribbean Group, owner of Silversea, the bunker company added.