Telenor Maritime has introduced a mobile ecosystem on board Brittany Ferries fleet.

2018-11-18T17:42:55+00:00 November 18th, 2018|Technology|

The company has deployed a connectivity platform with Premium Wi-Fi, VSAT and Mobile Broadband Backhaul. In addition, the ‘Honfleur’, the LNG-powered newbuild due into service in June, 2019, will be equipped with 3G services.

Digital services can be enabled supporting the complete digital value chain vastly enhancing the customer experience on board, Telenor claimed.

“We are delighted to be in a position to develop our partnership and services with Brittany Ferries, the major cross-channel ferry company operating a large fleet of ferries and cruise ferries between France and the UK, Ireland, and Spain, and between the UK and Spain.

“We are confident that our communications services will substantially enhance the customer journey on the ships we are upgrading. This is yet another important step for Telenor Maritime’s service-expansion in Europe,” said Jan Erik Norli, Telenor Maritime CSO.
“Our partnership with Telenor is one we value and we look forward to working together as new ships like ‘Honfleur’ join the Brittany Ferries fleet,” said Joëlle Croc, Brittany Ferries’ director of sales and customer experience. “Connectivity drives all our customer communications, so it has never been more important to work with partners we can count on.”

“Being a digital frontrunner, we heavily invest time and effort into developing digital services leading the way in developing the customer journey. To succeed, it is essential having a partner such as Brittany Ferries, equally focused on exploring the digital arena,” Norli added.