TDoS celebrates seven-year ‘Sun Princess’ project

2024-04-29T16:40:42+00:00 April 29th, 2024|Interior Design|

Creating a complex interior for a complex superyacht project is a challenge that extends far beyond just interpreting an owner’s style and applying it to the fit and finish of the décor.

It’s a process that involves an intricate understanding of ergonomics and flow dynamics, of design, of the interplay between adjacent areas and between exterior and interior spaces, and of project management and co-ordination to ensure the very best results from partners, contractors, suppliers and shipyard.

This is something that Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS), part of the Viken Group, said it knew well, having worked across some of the most iconic – and most complex – cruise ship newbuildings for more than six decades.

Taking the ’Sun Princess’ project as an example. This 175,500 gt cruise ship with a 4,300 pax capacity – the newest, largest and most innovative Princess Cruises ship – has just been delivered from the Fincantieri yard in Monfalcone.

Since 2017, the TDoS team has been involved in the ‘Sun Princess’ project as co-ordinating architects and designers of several on board venues, including a three-storey dining room, a two-deck lounge, and an expansive and panoramic terrace with infinity pool overlooking the ship’s wake.

The overarching vision for the design draws inspiration from a coastal lifestyle and the endless variation in nature.

“With a capacity of nearly 100 people within the Viken Group, we have a rather unique pool of both top-end competence and capacity,” explained Fredrik Johansson, Co-Founder of the Viken Group and TDoS Executive Director.

“The ‘Sun Princess’ project spanned over almost seven years, and at times we were over 25 people working for that client alone.

“In a project like the ‘Sun Princess’, we have to bring out our most creative skills but we also have to keep a very strict discipline in everything we undertake.

“A large yacht project is no different – we have to be extremely focused, organised and professional in what we do, every day and in every part of the project,” he said.

Translating the experience of and complexity of a project like ‘Sun Princess’ to the superyacht sector is something that pays dividends for superyacht clients.

TDoS knows better than any other design group how to optimise the development and design process – from start to finish, and from GA to the smallest design details.

“We are also used to manage very complex on board flows and operations, and we know how to master-plan even the very largest yachts so that everything both looks and works to perfection,” Johansson said, pointing to design ideas, such as the Waiter Station concept developed for ‘Sun Princess’ – a feature probably not yet undertaken elsewhere.

“When everything is in the right place and functional, then the crew can provide excellent on board service instead of fighting with the hardware!” he said.