Tallink ropax to be retrofitted with a shore connection

2021-08-30T16:45:32+00:00 August 30th, 2021|Environment|

ABB’s shore connection solution will allow Tallink’s shuttle ropax ’Megastar’ to plug into the local grid for emission-free overnight layovers in Tallinn.

Fuelled by LNG, Megastar undertakes three return journeys between the Estonian and Finnish capitals per day, with an overnight stay in Tallinn where it needs to keep her generators running to ensure energy availability for on board systems.

With ABB’s shore connection solution, the vessel will be able to cover its energy needs in port by drawing on land-based power.

With commissioning due to take place in January, 2022 while the ferry is in operation, ’Megastar’ will become Tallink’s second vessel to feature ABB’s shore connection solution.

The ’MyStar’, currently under construction in Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) shipyard in Rauma, Finland, will have the technology already fitted upon her delivery in 2022.

Both ropaxes will leverage the ABB shore power systems installed at Tallinn’s Old City Harbour last year.

Designed in compliance with international regulations, the plug-in solution automates the ship-to-shore connection process and offers a high level of safety and reliability.

“We are delighted to continue driving environmentally-friendly ferry operations across our fleet,” said Capt Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, Head of Ship Management at Tallink Grupp.

“From next year, both shuttle ferry ’Megastar’ and our newbuilding ’MyStar’ – the most environmentally friendly vessel on the Baltic Sea – will be able to leverage the ABB shoreside infrastructure that already exists at the Port of Tallinn’s Old City Harbour, to cut down harbour emissions and noise during overnight stays.

“This is another important step for Tallink Grupp towards achieving greener energy use and eco-friendliness for our shipping operations close to city centres, and it will make a big difference to local community in terms of minimising noise and air pollution,” he said.

“The Baltic Sea is a global hub for sustainable shipping initiatives, and we are honoured to support Tallink on its sustainability journey,” said Jyri Jusslin, Head of Service, ABB Marine & Ports.

“Our shore connection solutions comprise on board and shoreside infrastructure and will allow Tallink to reduce the overall impact of its operations and contribute towards a cleaner port environment in a historical part of Tallinn.”

Delivered by the Meyer Turku shipyard, Finland in 2017, ’Megastar’ can accommodate up to 2,800 pax and 646 cars.

ABB’s scope of supply for the retrofit includes switchboard, shore connection cabinet and a shore connection control board with three separate ship-to-shore communication links to safeguard against loss of connection – redundant Wi-Fi, optical fibre and hardwired serial data communication. ’Megastar’ also features ABB’s propulsion motors, medium voltage generators and thruster motors.

To date, ABB has commissioned, or is contracted to commission, shore connection technology on 150 vessels of various types, including ferries, cruise ships, containerships, gas carriers and more.

The company has also equipped several newbuilding cruise ships with shore connection switchboards, in readiness to connect to shore power as soon as it becomes available in ports.