Tallink boosted by passenger and cargo increase

2022-01-14T19:43:06+00:00 January 14th, 2022|Marketing|

In December, 2021 the Tallink Grupp transported 358,989 passengers, a 153.2% increase compared to December, 2020.

The number of cargo units increased by 20.8% to 31,862 and the number of passenger vehicles increased by 35.5% to 57,001 units.

In the fourth quarter of last year Tallink carried 1,122,892 passengers,an 142.6% increase, compared to 4Q20. Transported cargo units increased by 24% to 101,486 and the number of passenger vehicles increased by 27.5% to 171,037 units.

COVID-19 related developments and travel restrictions were the key operational factors influencing the developments in both years, the company said.

The following operational factors further influenced the development in 4Q21:

*Estonia/Finland – In addition to regular operations, in 4Q21, the cruise ferry ‘Victoria I’ operated three return trips on the Tallinn/Helsinki route, replacing the cruise ferry ‘Silja Europa’ which was chartered out from mid-October to mid-November for COP26

*Estonia/Sweden – In 4Q21, these statistics included operations of one cruise ferry and two cargo vessels. Due to scheduled maintenance, the cargo vessel ‘Regal Star’ did not operate on the route for nine days in December

*Finland/Sweden – These figures included operations of the Helsinki/Stockholm and Turku/Stockholm routes. During the quarter, cruise ferries ‘Baltic Princess’ and ‘Galaxy’ did not operate on the route for eight and five days, respectively, due to their scheduled maintenance periods

*Latvia/Sweden – In 4Q21, operations of the Riga/Stockholm route were suspended.