Stream Marine Training addresses battery and fuel cell awareness

2022-08-12T17:26:30+00:00 August 12th, 2022|Safety|

UK-based marine training course provider, Stream Marine Training (SMT), has run its first Battery and Fuel Cells Awareness course.

This course is aimed at arming seafarers with the knowledge on the life-threatening risks of lithium-ion batteries.

As a fast-growing new vehicle fuel source, shipping companies are set to have new challenges around the dangers posed by lithium-ion batteries. It has been found that vessel fires caused by these batteries and fuel cells can be extremely violent and difficult to control.

SMT said that it had created this emergency response and awareness course to help crews prepare for the possible dangers.

The course offers a full eco-system of competency and training awareness for batteries and fuel cells systems, and implementing the correct procedures with confidence within the safety management systems (SMS). It also provides a more detailed look at the hazards and practical elements of batteries and fuel cells as a bunker fuel.

SMT Group CEO, Martin White, said: “We are proud to be taking a pro-active approach in teaching the industry on handling battery and fuel cells safely. They carry huge risks, so it is vital that anyone who will be working with them receive a high standard of training around handling them safely.

“SMT is delighted to be leading the way in preparing the industry as it moves towards a more sustainable future. We already offer training courses working with alternative fuels, so we are delighted we can now offer this course,” he said.

The SMT Battery and Fuel Cells Awareness course is claimed to be an excellent course for management teams and on board crew working on ferries and any type of car carriers.

Attending the first course were crew members from NorthLink Ferries, who were chosen to pilot SMT’s course.

The crew gained a great understanding of how to deal with these difficult fires if they occur on a ropax or ro-ro vessel. Following the course, a representative from Northlink said: “SMT’s battery and fuel cell awareness course delivers a wealth of information suited to both ship and shore management teams as our industry seeks to address the hazards posed by carriage and use of batteries and fuel cells.”