‘Stena Scandica’ redelivered

2021-06-25T19:44:16+00:00 June 25th, 2021|Ships|

In August, 2020, Stena RoRo began a conversion project involving the ropax ‘Stena Scandica’ (ex ’Stena Lagan’) being responsible for design and execution.

The ship was cut in half and a new 36 m long mid-section inserted and as a result, her cargo capacity was increased by 30%.

Her conversion was carried out at the Sedef shipyard in Tuzla, near Istanbul. After a 10-day ‘maiden’ voyage, ‘Stena Scandica’ will enter service at the beginning of July on Stena Line’s route between Nynäshamn, Sweden and Ventspils in Latvia.

The 36 m long new mid-section gave the ship a total length of 222 m and a capacity of 2,875 lane meters. The number of cabins was increased by 80 to 202. The ship’s interior was modernised and expanded with new shops, as well as passenger lounges and a new sundeck aft. Her capacity now stands at 970 pax.

“Extending a vessel is a cost-effective way of increasing cargo capacity, while gaining room for more passengers,” explained Per Westling, Stena RoRo Managing Director.

“The new interior design and application of modern technology entail an upgraded passenger concept, with more efficient operation and reduced emissions per cargo unit.”

The conversion also included a new bow section to enable drive-through loading and unloading simultaneously on two levels. This, together with internal ramps in both directions, means more efficient loading and unloading resulting in shorter turnaround times in port.

Other modifications included additional bow thrust capacity, as well as installation of hybrid emissions scrubbers and a new ballast water purification system to reduce the ship’s environmental impact.

Sistership ’Stena Baltica’ (ex ‘Stena Mersey’) is undergoing the same extensive conversion and will be ready by the autumn.

The two ships were built in 2005 and previously sailed on Stena Line’s route between Belfast, Northern Ireland and Birkenhead, UK.

Stena Line CEO Niclas Mårtensson said the delivery of ’Stena Scandica’ was an important step in the company’s expansion in the Baltic Sea.

“Taking delivery of the large, modern and efficient vessel ’Stena Scandica’ is a major milestone for Stena Line and enables us to continue to grow together with our customers in the Baltic Sea. During the year we will increase capacity with 30 % on the Nynäshamn/Ventspils route, and 40 % on the Liepaja/Travemünde route,” he said.

The refurbishment project included:

  • a 36 m extension (total new length, 222 m)
  • a 30 % increase cargo capacity (total 2,875 lane m)
  • some 80 new cabins for a total of 202
  • increased 100 passenger car capacity
  • new bow section with bow doors and ramp
  • straight drive-through configuration on two levels
  • new internal ramps
  • exhaust gas cleaning with hybrid emission scrubbers
  • flap rudders for better manoeuvrability
  • three bow thrusters (compared to two)
  • new purification system for ballast water
  • modernised passenger areas
  • new shops
  • new lounges with reclining chairs, etc.
  • new aft sundeck.