Stena RoRo’s E-Flexer ‘Galicia’ delivered to Brittany Ferries

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Galicia, the first of three E-Flexer class ropaxes ordered by Brittany Ferries was delivered on 3rd September.

This vessel is the third E-Flexer of nine ordered by Stena RoRo from the Chinese shipyard, CMI Jinling (Weihai).

She has been long term chartered by Brittany Ferries and has been especially adapted for service with the French-based ferry company. 

Construction of the E-Flexers is based on a standard developed for flexibility, and each vessel is tailored to customer needs.

An example of an adaptation made for Brittany Ferries is that the basic car deck located on Deck 7 has been converted to cabins.

This, in combination with the deckhouse being extended on both Decks 7 and 8, has enabled the number of cabins to be increased from 175 to 343.

In addition, the Galicia has been fitted with two scrubbers, one for each main engine, and two extra lifeboats, due to the ferry’s increased passenger capacity.

The interior was designed by Richard Nilsson at Figura Architects, with whom Stena RoRo has been collaborating for some time. The public spaces on Decks 7 and 8 have been partly given over to other functions, compared to the basic model, but largely follow the E-Flexer standard.

The design of the public spaces and the colour scheme, however, are entirely unique and draw inspiration from Spain and the region after which the ship is named.

The ’Galicia is special because she is the first in the E-Flexer series to be delivered to an external customer,” said Per Westling, Stena RoRo CEO. “The design has been adapted to Brittany Ferries’ special requirements and the yard has been able to deliver according to schedule despite the ongoing pandemic, which we are very happy about.”

“This is a significant milestone in our fleet renewal planning and we are delighted that we will shortly be welcoming Galicia to the Brittany Ferries family. The E-flexer class of ships are well suited to our long-haul routes. I am convinced that passengers will be as thrilled to travel on them as we are to take delivery of ’Galicia’, ” said Christophe Mathieu, CEO Brittany Ferries.

Stena RoRo is two charter another two E-Flexerers to Brittany Ferries. Both will be powered by LNG, are under construction and will be delivered in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

The Stena E-Flexer design combines cargo and passenger capabilities, and are substantially larger than today’s standard ferries, Stena RoRo claimed.

Stena E-Flexers ordered at CMI Jinling (Weihai):

  1. Stena Line (in service between Holyhead and Dublin, delivered 2019).
  2. Stena Line (in service between Belfast and Liverpool, delivered 2020).
  3. Brittany Ferries (long-term charter agreement, entering service in the autumn of 2020).
  4. Stena Line (in service between Belfast and Liverpool in 2021).
  5. DFDS (long-term charter agreement for service in the English Channel, delivery 2021).
  6. Brittany Ferries with LNG operation (long-term charter agreement, in service 2022).
  7. Stena Line (extended version, delivery 2022).
  8. Stena Line (extended version, delivery 2022).
  9. Brittany Ferries with LNG operation (long-term charter agreement, delivery 2023).