Silversea to upgrade two vessels

2017-09-28T17:41:52+00:00 September 28th, 2017|Ships|

Continuing plans to upgrade the fleet to the same standards as its newest ships, Silversea is to upgrade the ‘Silver Wind’ and ‘Silver Whisper’.

The ships are scheduled to drydock this December, the company said.

The changes are part of what Silversea calls ‘Muse-ization’ of the line, where the refurbishment will follow the flagship, ‘Silver Muse’, which was delivered earlier this year.

‘Silver Whisper’ will have a “significant redesign” of its public areas. Silver Wind will have similar upgrades, also drawn from Silver Muse, the company said. Among the improvements will be new chairs and carpets in the casino and floor upgrades in the spa and salon.

“Silver Muse has been a sophisticated inspirational milestone for our brand,” Silversea CEO, Roberto Martinoli, said. “We are confident that the comprehensive makeover we have planned for ‘Silver Wind’ and ‘Silver Whisper’ will enhance the on board experience and be equally appreciated by our guests.”