Shipboard sleep capsules now marketed in UK/Europe

2021-03-12T16:18:42+00:00 March 12th, 2021|Technology|

UK-based Audience Systems is now marketing Japanese sleep capsules to the cruise and ferry market sector.

Tokyo-based Kotobuki has installed sleep capsules in all types of accommodation worldwide.

Two Stena Line ropaxes operating on the Rostock/Trelleborg route were recently fitted with the capsules. The crossing takes around six to seven hours and they are used by ferry passengers to rest.

Audience is marketing a design, which could be fitted into a cruise ship’s crew quarters or possibly even in passenger accommodation. Two beds can effectively occupy the same footprint whilst being in separate cabins, Gary Pillinger, Sales Director, explained.

The UK company is responsible for marketing in the UK and Europe, while the capsules will be manufactured by Kotobuki in Japan.

In North America, marketing is being handled by Kotobuki Seating International, based in New York, while rest of the world is covered directly by the company from Tokyo.

Pillinger explained: “Fortunately, with our seating business, we have already carried out fit-outs for clients, such as RCCL, STX and TUI, so we’re hoping to build on the knowledge and relationships gained there.”

Capsule installation will come as part of the package and this will be carried out by Audience Systems’ trained site engineers. Also offered is a comprehensive CAD layout service to assist with the design.