Ropax ‘Isabelle’ to become floatel

2023-08-13T15:43:48+00:00 August 13th, 2023|Refurbishment|

Canadian Bridgemans Services Group has taken delivery of the ’Isabelle’, a 35,000 gt ropax.

The company has begun an extensive retrofit of the vessel’s environmental systems in Estonia. Also to be upgraded are the ship’s living, dining, recreation, and gathering areas, to create a comfortable live/work home for large workforces.

When the retrofit is finished in late, 2023, the ‘Isabelle’ will offer a luxurious home away from home that includes 650 newly renovated single cabins with private ensuites, a high-end dining room, lounges, meeting rooms, fast wi-fi, offices, first aid clinic, an 8,000 sq ft fitness facility, billiards and games room, and dedicated accommodation for crew members.

Several advanced environmental systems will also be fitted, including an ultra-violet water purification system, the ability to run on shore hydro power, industrial-sized heat pumps, and sewage treatment that includes ultra-filtration and a low intensity UV unit for removing bacteria.

In addition, Bridgemans is redesigning the vessel so that she can eliminate waste and recycle, as much as possible.

“A Bridgemans floatel is a turnkey experience suited for large industrial projects anywhere in the world that require environmentally sustainable, safe and secure live/work offshore accommodation for their valued workforces,” said Brian Grange, Bridgemans’ President.

“As with our other floatels, the ‘Isabelle’ offers project owners an all-inclusive option tailored to support a healthy and productive workforce. This includes premium culinary, accommodation and entertainment experiences with on board safety and security, support vessels, and an experienced and friendly crew,” he added.

‘Isabelle’ joins a long list of floatels that Bridgemans has retrofitted, deployed and operated worldwide to serve major industrial and resource projects.

These floatels are largely self-contained and fully equipped for safe, secure, and comfortable long-term accommodation. They include a 1,000 pax floatel in service in the Philippines, along with floatels that supported projects in Australia, Mozambique, Canada, Northern Europe and the Caribbean.

“We are proud of our role in growing, innovating and advancing the floatel sector over the past 10 years, and creating a home away from home for literally thousands of workers,” Grange added.

“Today, we offer a suite of floatel options, related services and industry expertise that ensures we can create, design, operate and manage workforce accommodation that meet the needs of project owners, local communities, and the workers themselves, all while keeping the environment top-of-mind,” he concluded.