Record year for Wasaline

2023-03-16T19:57:55+00:00 March 16th, 2023|Finance|

Finnish ropax operator Wasaline’s revenue grew by 78.6% in 2022, despite travel restrictions being in place for the first quarter.

Passenger services revenue grew by 150.7% and volumes were up 149%. For cargo services, revenue grew by 7.7% and the number of cargo units transported by 4.4 %.

‘Aurora Botnia’s’ sailings increased by 14% to 1,133 departures. The amount of passenger vehicles transported increased by 126%.

Fuel costs increased by 55.3%, while the cost of labour and benefits increased by 37.5%.

The operating profit was €3.3 mill for the year on revenue of €29.3 mill, compared to €0.7 mill and €16.4 mill, respectively, for 2021.

“We have a historical year behind us in many ways. It was the first whole operational year for ‘Aurora Botnia’, and the ship and its crew have exceeded all our expectations. We have continuously improved our offering and grown our share in all segments,” claimed Peter Ståhlberg, Wasaline’s Managing Director.

“We were also able to reduce energy consumption by 21% per trip and our CO2 emissions by 19.6%. The strong financial result enables future investments to actions that benefit the environment. We are also on track to becoming climate neutral by 2030,” he said.