Portland UK freezes fees

2021-01-26T20:18:39+00:00 January 26th, 2021|Ports|

UK’s Portland Port has frozen its fees for this year after the country has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Ian McQuade, Commercial General Manager at Portland Port, said “Portland Port acknowledges the significant challenges faced by all industries during this pandemic, so to help, we have decided to keep our tariff prices the same as last year. During these extraordinary times, Portland Port wants to try to support its tenants and customers more than ever.”

As several cruise ships are using the South Coast of England’s bays to anchor, Portland Port has been supporting these cruise lines.

Cruise ship have been able to berth to carry out maintenance, load stores or offload waste, for example, or use the ports passenger pontoon for their tenders to enable crew changes and the important transfer of PCR tests to laboratories for processing.

Portland continues to apply the appropriate restrictions and safety measures to protect the port’s staff, its contractors, customers, and the local population.
Port staff have continued to work from home where possible since the first lockdown last year, however this is not possible for all staff, such as pilots, marine officers, police, and security, who are crucial to the port’s ability to operate and maintain its integrity.

For those arriving for work, be it in an office, on a tug or pilot boat, the social distancing rules are observed and there are supplies of hand sanitiser gel and the necessary PPE as required.

Prior to any vessel arriving in port waters or coming alongside, they must provide the necessary health declarations, and where necessary, the local Port Health Authority are consulted.