Ponant expedition ship reaches North Pole

2021-09-10T22:24:18+00:00 September 10th, 2021|Environment|

On 6th September, Pontant Cruises reported that the ‘Le Commandant Charcot’ had reached the Geographical North Pole at 10:38 am local time.

This major milestone was achieved by entirely using the cruise ship’s zero emissions battery power, which resulted in minimal impact on the environment, the company claimed.

“Congratulations to Captains Etienne Garcia, Patrick Marchesseau and Stanislav Devorsine, who have reached the Geographical North Pole,” said Herve Gastinel, Ponant CEO.

“This is a first for France and a real pride for all the Ponant teams. We are committed to making this unique ship an open platform for all scientists who want to take advantage of the two laboratories of ‘Le Commandant Charcot’, as well as all the measurement and analysis equipment at their disposal,” he said.

‘Le Commandant Charcot’ departed Longyearbyen on 1st September for a first ever dry-run sea voyage during which, the crew will undergo training in the immersive real-world environment of the Far North and begin deploying the new cruise activities and testing the safety equipment.

On board were more than 100 people, including those involved in the project and the ship’s construction, technicians to make any final adjustments, scientists, partners, photographers, institutional representatives and merchant navy cadets.