Norwegian fjords legislation to enter into force next month

2019-01-13T22:07:21+00:00 January 13th, 2019|Destinations|

The entry into force of the new legislation restricting emissions in the World Heritage fjords has been put back.
It was originally planned for 1st January, 2019.
However, as the consultation has to comply with the EU time limit requirements, the entry into force of the new legislation is now scheduled for the end of February, 2019, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) said.
In this new consultation, NMA proposes that fuel being used when the ship is in the World Heritage fjords, must have a sulfur content of maximum 0.1% by weight.
Furthermore, the proposed amendments include a prohibition against the use of exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) in the fjords. This applies to both open, closed and hybrid systems. Also proposed is a ban against incineration of waste on board ships in the fjords.
Moreover, upon a written application from a company, the NMA may grant exemption for a ship from the Tier I requirements set out in MARPOL regulation VI/13, if it can be documented that the ship will comply with the Tier III requirements not later than 1st January, 2022.