New tie-up wins first excursion contract

2024-03-01T17:59:47+00:00 March 1st, 2024|Marketing|

Brenock Technology, a provider of software applications and consulting services for marine, cruise and hospitality sectors, in collaboration with Shoretime, a  software as a service (SaaS) provider, have teamed up to win their first contract with Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH).

Through this agreement, NCLH will deploy the Shoretime platform in a phased approach, starting with the tour bidding and inventory allocation modules from its head office and with tour operator partners worldwide.

The platform will enhance excursion development and management for NCLH and its global tour operators, the company said.

Shoretime, a cloud-based excursion management interface, will automate and streamline core aspects of NCLH’s tour planning, including creating tours and sourcing bids from tour operators.

The platform provides real-time updates that facilitate NCLH’s selection of tour operators, enabling automated inventory management and scheduling of selected excursions for its guests.

It also increases visibility and streamlines communications between cruise lines and tour operators across all stages of tour planning, execution and reporting.

Introducing this level of automation into inventory management replaces the outdated manual processes that have long been prone to errors and delays.

“We are proud to launch Shoretime, a ground-breaking excursion management tool that reflects our dedication to leading through innovation and superior quality.

“This platform transforms the tour management process, optimising interactions with tour operators, content management, and revenue efficiency, all through state-of-the-art technology with a user-first approach.

“Shoretime is designed to not only fulfil the current demands of our guests but also to anticipate future challenges, setting a new standard in our industry,” said Jean-Pierre Joubert, Vice President of Commercial Destination Services NCLH.

Through the deployment of Shoretime, NCLH will add to its marketplace, where both tour operators and cruise lines access a trusted and vetted list of tour options.

This marketplace reduces the complexities for cruise lines and tour operators and creates a unified process for shore excursions within the cruise industry, Brenock said.

“Our contract with NCLH marks a pivotal moment for Shoretime as we endeavour to revolutionise the marketplace for cruise tour excursions,” added Pierre Kleinhans, Tactivion CEO and founder of Shoretime.

“By facilitating streamlined operations and enhanced data-driven insights for cruise lines and tour operators, we are not only simplifying the excursion management but also creating opportunities for tailored, exceptional guest experiences and more robust business prospects for our partners,” he said. 

NCLH will go live with Shoretime in April, 2024 and Brenock’s port cost management tool, integrated management system, in 2Q24.

“We are really thrilled to embark on this partnership with Shoretime,” said Manus Walsh, Brenock President (pictured). “It has long been a goal of Brenock’s to offer an end-to-end cloud-based port cost management solution, and we have finally reached that goal with the integration of Shoretime.

“Brenock’s core products will be tightly integrated with Shoretime, offering a seamless experience for our customers,” he added.