New Christmas Market Cruises in Alsace & Lorraine for the 2023 Holiday Season

2022-12-11T18:30:23+00:00 December 11th, 2022|Marketing|

European Waterways have now announced the launch of their new Christmas market cruises in the Alsace and Lorraine region of France. Available on the 12-passenger luxury hotel barge Panache (pictured), the six-night, all-inclusive cruises immerse guests in the annual holiday celebrations that have captivated visitors worldwide for centuries.

Christmas market cruises capture the true spirit of the holiday season, introducing travellers to Alsace and Lorraine at their most festive. The cruises will take our guests back to the most magical time of their childhood, when the spirit of Christmas was truly everywhere.

Panache is a spacious barge allows up to 12 guests and is a quiet retreat from the busy Alsace Christmas Markets. On board passengers can enjoy unique views of the Alsatian cities from the calm canals where the barge moors.