NCLH’s Juneau pier concept comes closer

2020-11-28T11:35:42+00:00 November 28th, 2020|Marketing|

An initial public meeting to discuss plans for development of a ‘subport’ area along Juneau’s waterfront was held on 18th November.

This virtual meeting, hosted by MRV Architects, focused on the Norwegian Cruise Lines Holding’s (NCLH) ‘subport’ lot, as well as potential development on adjoining CBJ, US Coast Guard (USCG), and NOAA properties.

The presentation was given by MRV Architects, with participation from NCLH executives and project team members.

This was the first of several community forums to start the planning. The next public meetings is scheduled for 2nd December.

The overall master plan concepts were identified, covering 0.5 miles of waterfront from Gold Creek to Merchant’s Wharf, showing the full future development.

Also discussed were concepts for upland design ideas, including park and possible building use.
NCLH proposed the construction of a new pier, which would be shared with the USCG.

Local community involvement has already begun with master plans and workshops. Local interest in balancing the downtown waterfront for community and tourism use was claimed to be high through planning steps taken.

Related studies were also underway, including a CBJ small cruise ship dock, plus dock electrification with Haight and Associates. Research started late last year, MRV said.

Updated harbour navigational studies were also conducted between February and May this year and background meetings were held.

In the presentation, MRV said that the first phase of the seawalk link will follow the western property boundary of NCLH Property.

The new seawalk along the water’s edge is proposed when additional docks and uplands are developed on the CBJ tidelands.

USCG & NOAA dock activities will be maintained and enhanced with shared docking facilities.

MRV said that it will create the preliminary designs based on feedback during the winter of 2020/2021, while the presentation to CBJ Planning and Assembly for approval is anticipated in June, 2021.

Last year, NCLH agreed to pay $20 mill to the local health authority for the three-acre area of waterfront land in downtown Juneau.

The company has also developed projects at Ward Cove in Ketchikan and Icy Strait Point in Hoonah, which are moving forward as planned.