Nautilus slams UK’s fire and rehire code of practice

2024-03-01T18:05:43+00:00 March 1st, 2024|Appointments|

UK-based union, Nautilus International has warned that the UK Government’s code of practice on fire and rehire does not go far enough.

Nautilus Director of Organising, Martyn Gray (pictured), said: “Fire and rehire is a coercive practice used by employers to unilaterally weaken their employees’ terms and conditions, deliberately bypassing consultation with recognised unions.

“Our message is simple: fire and rehire must be outlawed, nothing less is acceptable.

“Shortly after the public outrage of P&O Ferries mass-sacking in March, 2022, the UK Government announced it would take a series of actions to ensure this could never happen again.

“While this code of practice would have increased the cost to P&O Ferries for carrying out their egregious actions, it would not have stopped it.

“This code of practice, put simply, does not meet the Government’s own standard of ensuring another P&O Ferries cannot happen again,” he stressed.