MV Werften starts in-house cabin production

2017-09-14T18:20:15+00:00 September 14th, 2017|Technology|

MV Werften started to prefabricate cabins for its newbuilding cruise ships on 1st September.

The Wismar facility will be manufacturing cabins for the ‘Endeavor’-class ships for Crystal Cruises and the ‘Global’ class for Star Cruises.

“We are starting preliminary cabin production and employee training,” said Volker Asmus, managing director of sister company MV Werften Fertigmodule GmbH. “After the training phase, we will deliver the first cabins to the yard in March – crew cabins for the ‘Endeavor’ expedition yacht.”

Fertigmodule will produce a total of 3,400 cabins for each of the ‘Global’-class ships and just under 150 crew cabins for each of the ‘Endeavor’ ships.

Both ship classes will be built at MV Werften in Wismar, Rostock and Stralsund from 2018. The cabins will be delivered to the shipyards and installed as fully prefabricated modules.

The heart of the 9,000 sq m production area is a 75 m long production line, the so-called flowline. In 15 co-ordinated work processes, a cabin is produced every 20 minutes or approximately 20 per day. By 2026, production will be gradually increased to around 7,000 per year.

Fertigmodule was established in October, 2016 and a month later took over the factory for cabin production. The company currently employs 50 people, with up to 200 in the medium term and is located in the immediate vicinity of the Wismar shipyard.