MSC acts as ‘White Night’

2024-01-13T13:29:40+00:00 January 13th, 2024|Ships|

Ferry Shipping has reported that cash-strapped Italian ferry company Moby, part of the Onorato Group, is to sell the ropaxes ‘Moby Vinci’ and ‘Sharden’, operated by sister company Tirrenia, to an MSC Group company.

Both ferries are to be acquired by MSC’s billionaire owner Gianluigi Aponte’s Conglomerate Maritime Limited for €109 mill in total.

This sale was said to be part of a shareholder loan provided by MSC to help Moby to repay debts and finalise a financial restructuring plan with creditors, which was approved last summer by the Court of Milan.

Last year, MSC acquired a 49% stake in Moby for around €150 mill, it was reported.