Molgas bunkers Havila’s newly delivered ships

2023-08-29T12:46:06+00:00 August 29th, 2023|Technology|

Molgas Group has bunkered LNG to Havila Kystruten’s latest coastal cruise vessels, while they were on their delivery voyages from the Tersan shipyard in Turkey.

The bunkering group comprises the operating units of Molgas, Gasnor and Bluegrid.

Both ships -’Havila Pollux’ and ‘Havila Polaris’ were bunkered with 110 and 125 tonnes of LNG, respectively, during a stopover at Cartagena, Spain earlier this month, while on voyage from Turkey to Norway.

“We are very happy with the service and delivery we have received from Molgas. The location and facilities were just perfect for us and with the good experience we had in the past with the Molgas Group, when we took ‘Havila Capella’ and ‘Havila Castor’ home, it was easy for us to come back this time around,” said Havila’s Head of Maritime Operations, Rune Andreassen.

“The operation demonstrated how Molgas Group’s collective endeavours successfully serve clients throughout Europe. Our seamless collaboration across diverse units, housed together, underscores our dedication to enabling accessible LNG bunkering across Europe,” the Molgas bunkering department said in a statement.

Both ships started servicing the Bergen/Kirkenes route this month, joining their two earlier sisterships.