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This design from KNUD E. HANSEN is a 328 ft river cruise vessel for operation on US rivers for itineraries of a range up to 14 days with maximum 220 passengers onboard.

The design of the vessel will be based on green technology and the vessel can be fueled with eFuel and ships systems are designed for zero discharge.

The propulsion and manoeuvring system comprising two (2) stern azimuth electric thruster units in separate compartments at the stern and one (1) pump jet for improved manoeuvrability in a bow compartment. The machinery arrangement is a fuel-electric hybrid system, comprising four (4) high speed diesel generator sets combined with an energy storage, combined with a battery storage system, providing propulsion power and all remaining electrical load requirements. The vessel features seven decks, and is divided into three main fire zones. Passenger embarkation is arranged at both sides on deck 2, or through a telescopic gangway/bow door at the bow. Both giving direct access to the reception area on deck 3.

The engine rooms, technical spaces and provision stores are arranged on deck 1. Deck 2 features an area with large VIP staterooms, and crew quarters.

Further details can be viewed at https://www.knudehansen.com/news/mississippi-river-cruise-by-knud-e-hansen/