Miami cruise ship supply warehouse liquidated

2021-02-26T21:17:48+00:00 February 26th, 2021|Finance|

A major food supplier to Florida’s cruise ports was due to auction its remaining inventory on 23rd February.

This was due to the closure of its Miami distribution centre.

The liquidator, Tiger Group said that it would sell over $11 mill (retail value) of commercial food products in an online auction.

This accounted for the remaining inventory of cruise ship food supplier Kansas Marine’s 114,000 sq ft Miami distribution centre. The auction includes 40 mill items together with the warehouse’s goods handling equipment.

“This auction provides a tremendous opportunity for cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, bars, institutional feeders, and food and beverage wholesalers/brokers to stock up on their inventories,” claimed Jonathan Holiday, Tiger’s commercial and industrial business development director.