MEYER Group introduces floating terminal concept

2023-09-15T20:20:40+00:00 September 15th, 2023|Ports|

MEYER Floating Solutions, a subsidiary of the cruise shipbuilder MEYER Group, has unveiled the world’s first floating cruise terminals.

These terminals mark a paradigm shift in sustainable port expansion, offering an innovative solution globally, MEYER claimed.

This approach not only caters to ports with limited infrastructure but also empowers expansion and relocation with unprecedented versatility.

CEO Kaj Casén, said: “Our floating cruise terminals deliver dynamic solutions for ports seeking seamless expansion, instilling confidence in public and private investors.”

The floating terminals utilise best practices across industries, harnessing proven technologies for manufacturing floating assets up to full terminal size.

This minimises local site work, while maintaining safety through fixed mooring arrangements, such as mooring dolphins.

Diversity is key to the terminal designs, which seamlessly integrate hotels, parking facilities, energy supply centres, and shopping complexes under the MEYER umbrella.

Offerings cater to diverse needs — from streamlined systems that respect land and nature to complex terminals accommodating multiple ships simultaneously.

Designed pier options range from 205 to 320 m in length, optimising utility within a compact footprint of 410 m in length and 265 m in width.

“Our modular terminals empower operators to meet rising demand and enhance facilities with ease,” Casén asserted.

Each module will be built in the MEYER Group’s shipyards, embracing an environmentally conscious and controlled approach to preserve invaluable resources.