MedCruise upgrades online offering

2024-06-15T08:13:54+00:00 June 15th, 2024|Marketing|

As a result of internal surveys and studies carried out by different working groups inside the association, MedCruise is to invest in digital communications and develop new infographics, statistics reports, interactive maps and a dedicated section for career opportunities.

MedCruise, the largest Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports, representing 153 ports from 22 countries in three continents, plus 53 associate members, said that it had a very productive mandate with many new initiatives and services, which are now supported by technological innovations on its digital platforms.

The website enhancements will introduce new features aimed at improving the user experience and ensuring access to the most up-to-date information to the cruise industry from its members, to create stronger visibility for all MedCruise port and associate members.

One of the major improvements is the geolocation of each member, a fundamental change in terms of precision and accuracy. Moreover, this enables the creation of detailed and informative maps and infographics reflecting data and information of various surveys, new initiatives or activities created during this mandate.

From now on, the cruise industry will have detailed information on crew facilities and services available at member ports, thanks to the crew-friendly survey led by MedCruise’s Vice President, Lorenzo Vera.

In addition, the extensive sustainability and environmental survey conducted by board members, Valeria Mangiarotti and Jamil Ouazzani, will be presented in a map format.

This data will be available on the website with customised filters, giving users reliable information to facilitate informed decision making.

From a static platform, MedCruise’s website will become a more interactive portal allowing members to directly manage and update their profiles, ensuring the accuracy of the information presented and enable members to promote their facilities within the MedCruise community.

In a sector where professionals are increasingly needed with the growing number and size of ships, a new section within the website will be dedicated to career opportunities from the cruise lines and also port operators.

MedCruise’s associate membership has increased by 47% and the association has also created a system involving four different associate categories, reflecting their supporting role within the industry – Tourism Board, Port Agent, Receptive Agent or Cruise industry related Association or Company.

Board Director, Aris Batsoulis’ task and as the second pillar of the mandate after sustainability, was to give high priority to data governance to become one of the reliable sources for information.

In collaboration with SaMMYacht company, the association has been also working on a project that will create a digital platform to automate the reporting, modelling and visualisation of cruise traffic data across the MedCruise port network on an annual basis.

This new platform, which will also be available on the website this month, will incorporate dynamic graphics and historical data collected over the past 10 years, allowing members to compare the records available.

MedCruise website continues to serve as a database that offers publications and useful resources for the cruise industry, such as MedCruise Statistics report, issued every year, MedCruise Yearbook, also updated yearly, and the recent MedCruise’s Cruise Port City Compass, published and launched at Seatrade Cruise Global on 10th April, 2024, in collaboration with AIVP,  the International Association of Cities & Ports and thanks to the efforts of Board member, Noemi, Frascella.

Finally, for social media, MedCruise has seen a significant increase in its presence and visibility in recent years, especially on platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram, and is placing greater focus on these channels thanks to the support of Board Director, Cristina De Gregori.

Figen Ayan, MedCruise President, said: “While we are approaching to the end of the 2021/2024 mandate, I am extremely happy to see that our vision and targets have been reached and will be reflected to the whole industry in a user-friendly and accessible manner with our enhanced MedCruise website.

“This could not have been possible without the constant efforts of the Secretariat, Board of Directors and stakeholders involved,” he said.