Marseille to offer LNG as a fuel

2018-12-02T21:30:07+00:00 December 2nd, 2018|Technology|

A working group set up by the Port of Marseille Fos last year has confirmed the feasibility of LNG bunkering in both Marseille and Fos within a limited timeframe.

This solution will consist of:

1. The rapid development of truck refuelling logistics that would initially serve ferries and continue to be an option should refuelling vessels be unavailable.

1. Bringing in one or more refuelling vessel(s) that would be suitable for cruise ships and ferries.

The working group brought together players from the LNG sector. Its task was to study and ensure the relevance of the logistics options for LNG bunkering in the Port of Marseille Fos.

Between March and July, 2018, the LNG working group developed a master plan with details of the schedule for the investment that would be required and the possible operational methods.

It brought together shipowners that had expressed an interest in LNG from Marseille/Fos, the managers of the two LNG terminals based in Fos (Elengy and Fosmax LNG), an LNG supplier (Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions) and the LNG marine and fluvial platform.

Fosmax is already investing in the Fos Cavaou terminal to adapt it to receive small-scale LNGCs. This service will be available in the summer of 2019 (50 annual slots). In addition, Elengy is studying the extension of the Fos Tonkin Terminal activity focusing on loading small-scale LNGCs, with the provision of 100 annual slots from 2021.