‘Manxman’ fitted with NAPA software

2024-03-01T18:56:30+00:00 March 1st, 2024|Technology|

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Co (IoMSP) has installed and completed final inspection of NAPA’s full suite of stability management, emergency decision support, electronic logbooks, data reporting and integration systems on its new ropax, ’Manxman’.

This digital platform will provide crews and ashore teams with critical safety and situational information to ensure the vessel’s safe and efficient operations on its voyages between Heysham and Douglas, Isle of Man.

NAPA fitted a loading computer to help guarantee the ship’s stability in all sea conditions, while also providing analytics to help optimise cargo and deadweight tonnage management.

This will play an integral role in ensuring the safety of the ferry, which has a capacity of 948 pax and 237 vehicles, in a passage that often suffers adverse weather and rough seas, NAPA said.

In addition, NAPA’s emergency computer enables the continuous monitoring of vulnerability and risk levels, and delivers survivability assessments in case of damage. This will provide crews on board and those ashore with critical insights, in real time, to support decision-making on regular operations.

It will also ensure a swift and co-ordinated response, with direct cloud-based information sharing with emergency response services, in case of an emergency.

The 133 m long ’Manxman’ is also fitted with a NAPA logbook, which streamlines on board data collection and reporting. Automated entries and calculations remove duplication, thereby reducing administrative workloads for crews while limiting the risk of errors, NAPA claimed.

The data collected will facilitate reporting in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, with the system allowing for reports required under the European Union’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (EU-MRV), and the IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and Data Collection System (IMO-DCS), to be generated automatically.

Enhanced digitalisation also opens up new opportunities for data integration and analysis, through NAPA fleet intelligence, to improve safety practices and operational efficiency. With data sharing between systems, teams can make better-informed decisions on critical matters of stability, emergency response and compliance, with greater speed and accuracy, the company said.

These synergies across systems also minimise duplication of work, ease reporting and save teams valuable time, which can then be redirected to more critical functions, such as navigation. Ultimately, the partnership with NAPA will help create a fleet-wide operations database, which can be analysed to unlock new efficiencies.

James Royston, IoMSP’s Fleet Operations Manager, said: “Our ferry services provide a vital link for communities and businesses on the Isle of Man, connecting our territory with Heysham, Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin, and transporting around 600,000 passengers and 190,000 vehicles annually.

“Our new flagship ’Manxman’ was built with sustainability and efficiency at its very core. Being able to balance this ambition with the need to ensure the safety of our passengers and crews at all times is vital. Smart digital systems are at the heart of this, empowering our teams with the best possible real-time information and efficient processes to reduce the environmental footprint of our voyages.

“This partnership with NAPA is a game changer on two fronts: it will help us reduce workloads for our seafarers, but also gain an unprecedented level of data-based insight to deliver safer and more efficient operations,” he said.

Tuomas Hakkinen, NAPA’s Account Director, Ferry & RoPax Business, added: “Ferries face specific safety and efficiency challenges due to the unique nature of their operations. With the need to constantly manage weight distribution amid frequent passenger and cargo changes, and operate to strict timelines in often challenging weather conditions, crews need the best tools available to support decision-making in real-time, in calm seas but also in case of an emergency.

“On board digital tools and data collection, together with live information sharing between ship and shore, can make a sea change for everyone involved in ferry operations.

“In practice, enhanced digitalisation helps teams to pro-actively plan, monitor, and adapt to evolving conditions throughout every voyage, while also simplifying reporting and providing new insights to inform longer-term strategy and optimisation.

“We are proud to work with The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, as they make their flagship vessel, ’Manxman’, a flag-bearer of data-driven safety and efficiency,” he concluded.