Kongsberg to supply large waterjets for high speed ferry

2020-06-27T07:44:44+00:00 June 27th, 2020|Technology|

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) has won a milestone order to deliver large waterjets for an Incat built high speed ferry.

In addition to four Kongsberg Kamewa S90-4 waterjets, the delivery will include a touch screen remote control system, incorporating a CanMan Touch joystick, enabling the ship to be manoeuvred remotely from the bridge. KM’s standard two-tiller configuration for both the centre helm seat and navigator’s seat will be adapted for this vessel into a single centre helm tiller.

KM will also be supply a separate aft-facing console comprising two touch screens, one Polar joystick with heading knob, two backup panels incorporating clutch in/clutch out buttons and one analogue steering and bucket position gauge per jet.

The ferry is designated as Hull No 097 at present.

Kongsberg Kamewa – which can trace its its roots in Sweden to the 1880s – delivered its first waterjets 40 years ago and has now produced more than 10,000 of these propulsion systems, including the largest and most efficient waterjets available on the market.

The waterjet range is now developed and fabricated from KM’s Hydrodynamic Research Centre, just outside Kristinehamn in Sweden and from a new Product Centre in Kokkola, Finland.

Incat’s history involves fast ferry designer and builder, Robert Clifford, who founded the Sullivan’s Cove Ferry Co whose vessels transported more than nine million passengers in two years across the Derwent River in Hobart, Tasmania, in the wake of the 1975 collapse of the Tasman Bridge.

At Incat, Clifford and his team spearheaded the development of high speed, high-tech, wave-piercing catamarans. The latest design is further enhanced with the Kongsberg Generation 4 waterjets featuring a new lightweight reversing bucket that reduces installed weight by around 2,000 kg.

The new contract is a testament to the quality and reputation of our waterjets, and significantly increases our market share in this segment,” said Richard Dreverman, Sales Manager Australia, Kongsberg Maritime. “We hope and trust that our input will assist this catamaran ferry to set a new standard in manoeuvrability, passenger comfort and fuel efficiency.”

Ease of installation, specification flexibility and full customer support also contributed majorly to our decision to award this contract to Kongsberg Maritime,”Guy Doyle, Senior Project Manager, Incat, added. “It’s very important to us that we can implement cost-effective, environmentally-responsible waterjet solutions, which simultaneously provide the smoothest and most unobtrusive passenger experience, so we’re looking forward to working closely with Kongsberg on this project.”