Intellian offer TV at sea technology

2024-05-28T19:52:41+00:00 May 28th, 2024|Technology|

Satcoms solutions provider, Intellian Technologies has introduced  a 3.6m TVRO system, to enable passengers on cruise ships access to TV services worldwide.

Available for pre-order with delivery scheduled for later this year, the t360CK has the ability to electronically switch between C-Band and Ku-Band, while supporting C-Band linear and circular polarisation in the same feed, helping blockage mitigation and creating true system resiliency for the TVRO services.

The system will also provide greater diversity allowing for multiple modes of operation; individual or combined link configurations for greater availability of services.

For the cruise lines, this means less down time and resources spent on feed swaps to the antenna while changing regions, as now these changes and adjustments can be made automatically through Aptus NTV (GUI).

The new hardware design will make the system one of the lightest 3.6m TVRO systems available in the market, the company claimed, without compromising its quality and architecture.

It has also been designed with 5G mitigation, which reduces the C-Band interference as a ship gets closer to shore, enabling live TV at all times.

With most of the components shared across a wide range of terminals for reliability, the t360CK becomes a user-friendly unit with exceptional performance in the RF path, Intellian added.

Aptus NTV is Intellian’s latest GUI for the TVRO system. By utilising it, customers can configure and make all the changes they want in the system without leaving the GUI interface, including switching between broadcast satellite presets.

Furthermore, users can create different groups of satellites to meet their needs when changing regions and can also add or change satellite information using the improved library system.

Eric Sung, Intellian Technologies CEO, said: “Cruise ships are like connected cities at sea, and with that comes the demand to provide services on board at a quality, if not better, than you would ashore.

“Despite the ever increasing subscriptions of streaming services, there’s still huge demand on board for TV to watch live sport and news. Our new t360CK is designed to facilitate this demand on every vessel with both circular and linear polarisation, 5G mitigation and individual or combined links, making it even easier for entertainment and engineering teams on board to deliver operational excellence,” he said.