ILO attacks UK government over P&O Ferries scandal

2023-11-14T21:20:14+00:00 November 14th, 2023|Recruitment|

In a Joint statement the RMT, TUC, ITF, ITUC and Nautilus has attacked the UK Government’s stance on the sacking of P&O Ferries’ staff.

“P&O Ferries’ brutal sacking of 800 dedicated seafarers in March, 2022 was one of the most shocking episodes in modern industrial relations.

“Despite admitting acting illegally, P&O Ferries have faced no sanctions and have been let off the hook for their appalling treatment of staff, “ the statement read.

“Conservative Ministers haven’t lifted a finger. They should have come down like a tonne of bricks on P&O Ferries and their parent company, DP World.

“Instead they have they have spent at least £600,000 on P&O Ferries’ services, offered lucrative freeport contracts to DP World, and turned a blind eye to P&O Ferries’ disgraceful behaviour.

“There is nothing to stop another P&O Ferries scandal from happening again under current UK law.

“Having feigned outrage at P&O Ferries’ actions, Ministers have rowed back on their promise to clamp down on bad bosses and introduce a much-needed employment bill.

“As the ILO makes clear, this can’t go on. Without a proper sanctions regime, rogue employers like P&O Ferries will continue to get away with treating staff like disposable labour.

“We need to drag our outdated employment laws into the 21st century.

“This is why we need a new deal for working people – like (the UK’s) Labour (Party) is proposing – to ensure that everybody is treated with dignity and respect at work.

“For too long, parts of our labour market have been like the wild west – with some seafarers particularly exposed to hyper-exploitation and a lack of enforceable rights.

“Secure and fair work is vital for a healthy, and prosperous workforce and for a thriving economy,” the statement concluded.