Havila Voyages strengthens management team

2024-03-15T18:33:15+00:00 March 15th, 2024|Appointments|

Havila Voyages has strengthened its management team with the hiring of Mette Øyen as its new CMO.

At the same time, Aleksander Røynesdal joined in the role of CFO.

Røynesdal started on 1st March. He was previously COO at Norgas Carriers and has extensive experience in shipping and maritime transport.

“We have been looking forward to welcoming Aleksander to the company. We are now entering a phase where we need to find long-term and sustainable financing for our company.

“Aleksander will naturally play an important role in this, and with his broad experience and expertise, we are confident that we will find good solutions for Havila Voyages that will strengthen us financially,” CEO Bent Martini said.

Since the start of this year, Havila Voyages has been seeking a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

In competition with over 80 applicants, Havila appointed Øyen (44), who came from the role of Director Marketing & Branding at Norway’s domestic airline Widerøe.

“Based on the number of applicants, and not least the number of highly qualified applicants, it is clear that we are an attractive company. It has been tough competition to get the opportunity to work with marketing and branding for Havila Voyages, and we are really looking forward to having such a solid and experienced person as Mette on the team,” Martini said.

Øyen has extensive experience in marketing and branding in several industries and for the past five years has been responsible for revitalising Widerøe’s brand.

“Mette understands our social mission, has long and relevant experience, and is a person we are sure will fit in very well with us. We are still a fairly new company and need to strengthen our market position if we are to achieve our ambitious goals. We are confident that Mette will be a great asset to us,” Martini added.

Until Øyen joins, Lasse Vangstein will continue in his role of Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at Havila Voyages.

“Lasse took on the challenge when we needed to fill the role of CMO last summer, and he will continue to play an important role for us as Chief Communications Officer (CCO) when Mette starts in the company.

“The fact that we will also have an even greater focus on communication, PR, sustainability, and community outreach in the future will be important, in addition to the fact that communication and marketing will naturally work closely together,” Martini explained.

Øyen is scheduled to start in her new role on 1st September, 2024.

“I am proud and humbled to have been chosen to lead the marketing department at Havila Voyages. This is an exciting company with ambitious plans for the future, and I couldn’t say no to this opportunity. As a native of Sunnmøre, it feels a bit like coming home, and I look forward to spending more time among fjords and mountains.

“Havila Voyages is not like any other company. They dare to focus on the unique and offer a travel experience you can’t find anywhere else. With a clear focus on sustainability, everything is in place for the future.

“Together with the marketing team, we will ensure that even more people get their eyes on this fantastic journey, both domestically and internationally. It will not be an easy journey, but that is what motivates me.

“I have extensive experience in building strong brands, and I know what it takes to succeed in a competitive market. With creative ideas and hard work, we will inspire people to discover the beautiful Norwegian coast with Havila Voyages,” she said.