‘Havila Capella’ delivered

2021-11-12T18:50:27+00:00 November 12th, 2021|Ships|

Havila Voyages has taken delivery of the first of four new Norwegian coastal cruise ships.

‘Havila Capella’ will start sailing on the traditional Norwegian coastal route from Bergen to Kirkenes on 1st December.

Havila Voyages CEO, Bent Martini, said; “We are many who have waited a long time for this, and now the first ship is finally in our hands and we will start preparing for setting sail towards Norway.”

Mehmet Gazioğlu, General Manager of her builder Tersan, added; “The four coastal cruise ships for Havila Voyages are a special assignment for us. We have faced various challenges, including the corona pandemic, which has led to delays, but we have learned a lot from the first ship and expect more efficient construction of the next ones.”

To ensure that the the final preparations were more efficient, both workers from the yard and sub-contractors will be on board for both part and the entire delivery voyage to Bergen. In addition, Havila Voyages will employ its own personnel to start work on preparing the ship to sail along the Norwegian coast.

Martini explained; “’Havila Capella’ is a large hotel with 179 cabins, several restaurants and large common areas that will be made ready in a very short time in addition to crew and hotel employees to get to know the ship, systems and each other. But we have got off to a good start already, and we are confident that this will go well.”

He and several others from the company will establish a temporary office on board the ship when she arrives in Norway.

“We do this both because we need to have short distances, because we can be helpful and give an extra hand and of course also because this is something we want to be a part of. It is of course a special event to take part in, when starting up the first ship in the largest tourism investment we have seen along the coast,” he explained.

“We are really looking forward to get ‘Havila Capella’ into service, and on the journey from Turkey to Norway, we will post movies and photos on social media where you can meet ships and crew and get several sneak peeks on board.

“While the ship remains berthed for a couple of weeks in Bergen, she will be operated by batteries on board and clean hydropower.

“It gives zero emissions and no smoke that settles over Bergen city centre. And that is just the beginning of ‘Havila Voyages’ history with environmentally friendly voyages along the coast where we with the world’s largest battery pack on board can go without noise and emissions for up to four hours,” Martini concluded.