Gotland route to continue under present operators

2024-06-28T17:01:29+00:00 June 28th, 2024|Marketing|

Gotlandsbolaget is to continue to opertate Gotlandstrafiken, the ferry route from the island of Gotland to the Swedish mainland, with the help of its Danish subsidiary, Alvina Shipping.

The new agreement covers the period from 2027 to 2035.  This procurement process has been ongoing since August, 2023 and was carried out with full competition from shipping companies throughout the EU.

The Gotland traffic will be operated with three fast ropaxes, flying the Swedish flag and operating under the Swedish collective agreement.

“Traffic between Gotland and the mainland is part of our identity, and we are extremely happy and proud to have won renewed trust from the Swedish Transport Administration. We have received award decisions, and now contract writing follows. Our journey towards climate-neutral crossings now continues with next-generation ships and reduced emissions,” said Håkan Johansson, Gotlandsbolaget CEO.

Gotlandsbolaget and Destination Gotland have worked intensively to produce the competitive tender.

“I would like to express a big thank you to all employees who worked intensively to develop a competitive tender, despite the difference in tax conditions that currently prevails between Sweden and our neighbouring countries.

“We have a good dialogue with the Swedish unions and it is a matter of course for us to prioritise Swedish collective agreements on board our ships, and we will also continue to operate under the Swedish flag,” confirmed Marcus Risberg, CEO of Destination Gotland.

In order to meet the different tax conditions that prevail today, the winning bid was based on a Swedish flag and Swedish crew with Swedish collective agreements, and the Danish subsidiary that will be responsible for financial and strategic management.

The Swedish Government is working to develop the Swedish tonnage tax, which could mean that Swedish shipping becomes equal with international shipping companies.

If the government makes this decision, responsibility for financial and strategic management will also be placed on Gotland.

Risberg continued: “We look forward to continuing to work for and with the Swedish Transport Administration and the people of Gotland under the Swedish flag, but are also humbled by the task we have before us.

“The security issue in the Baltic Sea, but also the climate, has a major impact on our operations and Gotland, and we take our responsibility very seriously,” he said.

Gotlandsbolaget also recently acquired the DFDS operation between Oslo and Copenhagen.

“Gotland is the place we call home, as we have done since 1865. Gotlandsbolaget was started by the Gotlanders coming together to ensure traffic between Gotland and the mainland, and just as that heritage is our history, it is also part of our future, which today’s announcement confirms,” Johansson concluded.

The new agreement takes effect on 1st February 2027.